About me

Judīte Saida

Member of the Board

Many years of experience in the legal and real estate fields.

I am registered in the Latvian Real Estate Association – certificate number: AA-192.

I have a bachelor’s degree in social sciences in management from the University of Latvia and a professional degree in real estate valuation and management at the University of Latvia.

Qualified as a lawyer at the Police Academy.

I professionally photograph and record videos with a photo camera and drone. I am registered with the State Civil Aviation Agency with reg. No. LVAgpk8ze7b5ntlv

Regularly track your qualifications by attending various courses and lectures.

29208018, 67555550


Taxpayer Number: 16067311716

Registered economic activity with NACE code 6831- Real estate agencies on 10.05.2008

Registered in the Register of Real Estate Intermediaries of the Ministry of Economics with No. 258

Professional liability insurance policy NO. 732978356

Consulting and service service Ltd.
NMR kods: 40103409872, LV89HABA0551030758570
“Medāji”, Zaķumuiža, Ropaži district, LV-2133

SIA 2KM , 40103903253, Burtnieku 2-2, Riga, LV-1006
LV12HABA0551040001631, HABALV22

2KMs Ltd. LV40203131171, Burtnieku 2-2, Riga, LV-1006
LV37HABA0551043957423, HABALV22

I regularly attend various courses and lectures:

      • 2010. year 20. April FVS HACCP / self-monitoring system
      • 2011.11.29. Certificate “Basics of Business”
      • 2013.03.18. certificate “Topical application of micro-enterprise tax”
      • 2017.year 4. August seminar “Effective debt recovery in residential house management. Current case law on residential property management issues ”
      • 2018. year 26. September “Certificate of Mastering the Theory of Photography Course”
      • 2018. year 28. September seminar “Management work issues of practical preparation of estimates, work plan and income – expenditure report Cabinet of Ministers NR. 408. “
      • 2019. year 24. October external seminar in Malta, Republic of Malta, Ghadira: “Cross-border debt recovery and enforcement. Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 655/2014. Legal protection for the enforcement of a court decision.”
      • 2020. year 6. March seminar “Duties of the Manager specified in regulatory enactments for physical preservation of a residential house and prevention of danger. Extraordinary repairs and works included in the work plan. “
      • 2020. year 29. June certificate no. 646 on the introductory course for REAL ESTATE AGENTS in the study program approved by LANIDA (45 academic hours)
      • 2020. year 14. July “Product Photography” certificate (24 academic hours)
      • 2020. year 5. November “Photo Technologies” certificate (94 academic hours)
      • 2021.06.03. ATfoto 2. level photo courses;
      • 2021.06.03. ATfoto 2. level photo courses – portrait;
      • 2021.07.09. LANIDA seminar Photo world and time management;
      • 2021.08.05. LANIDA seminar Answers to questions about amendments to the law in the field of NILLTF prevention;
      • 2021.08.05. till 2022.02.09. Turībā – Computerized accounting for beginners with the program Zalktis;
      • 2021.08.27. LANIDA seminar On the development of the territory and amendments to the Apartment Property Law;
      • 2021.08.27. LANIDA certificate;
      • 2021.09.17. LANIDA seminar Analysis of investment objects, calculation of profitability and determination of real estate value;
      • 2021.09.24. LANIDA seminar Taxes and fees in real estate transactions .;
      • 2021.10.08. LANIDA seminar Results-oriented thinking. Types of insurance and premiums .;

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